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Who We Are...

We are an insanely curious and intellectually driven brother sister duo. We are Keto BrainZ. We are self hacking, self driven, autodidacts with a sometimes penchant for the delicious torture of endurance sport.

Who We Are Not...

We are not scientists, we are not doctors, we are not researchers, we are not experts. We are though rather expert at gathering and filtering data and resources on topics we find meaningful. And, if you’ve ever met us, you know we can’t keep our damn mouths shut when we’re excited about something we’ve learned.

Who You are...

You too are likely a self driven entity who enjoys the endurance sport of personal growth and evolution. BUT! We’re not going to pretend to know you. We would though LOVE to hear about your own journey to becoming a Keto Brain from YOU! Connect with us!

So you’re keto? That’s tremendous!  Us too!  Kissable Keto was born out of the brains-on-fire ketone fueled mind storms of a unique brother sister duo.  You name the nootropic, and we’ve played with it.  NOTHING on the market compares to the clarity, functionality, and speed of neurotransmission of a brain fueled by ketones.  I was hooked on keto the moment it hit me. In an instant I was Wolverine! Wait no, Elon Musk! No, no…a UNICORN!  OK, all fantastical exaggerations aside, a ketone fueled brain is a very different kind of brain.  But I don’t need to tell YOU that. 🙂

During one of our ketone fueled mind storms I realized that my brother’s breath was rank!  I then instantaneously realized that my breath was also atrocious!  I had no gum.  I had no breath spray.  The coffee shop we were at sold sugar laden mints that just would not do.

BOOM.  Kissable & Keto mints in a rad little re-usable tin was born.  No, I was not looking to kiss my brother, but the thought that even my poor dog, let alone my husband were possibly having to stomach my keto breath was enough for me to commit to not being without a handy “breath assist” at all times.  I was certainly NOT going to give up ketosis!  Come on, don’t be ridiculous

I work with the public.  I take meetings daily.  I was mortified to think that I had quite possibly been breathing my keto dragon breath on a whole host of undeserving and unsuspecting people.

Keto Brainz’s mission is to help ensure you can continue to move into your own a keto-rific future confident that your dragon breath is not slaying potential friends, dates, or business associates.  Even our siblings deserve fresh air space 

Hang out with us.  We promise our breath is fresh!  We’ll soon be launching a stevia sweetened mint, a chlorophyll infused mint for an extra measure of freshness, and quite possibly a one two punch of a mint that gives you a dose of the key electrolytes so desperately needed when in ketosis.

Oh, and we’re rather partial to out rad little mint tin.  We re-use our empties for easily accessible electrolyte salts and magnesium pills. 

Stay Keto!  Stay Kissable!  Don’t get stuck without your Kissable & Keto mints!

Keto FAQs

What is Ketogenesis?

You've probably heard people talking about "keto,""ketosis" and other keto terms, but what are they talking about and should you even care? Start here for a quick primer on the history of ketogenesis and why everyone is (justifiably) going nuts about it.

Current Keto Science

Articles and resources both created and compiled by people who are much smarter than we are. These days ALL of the information is out there, but my sister is essentially a full-time, super-computer for the aggregation, assessment and distillation of it all.

Keto Masters

Articles and information by people much smarter than us.

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