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What is the reason for Keto Brainz?

Updated: Aug 9, 2020

I've Been thinking about Purpose a lot lately...


As humans, our purpose (or our intent) at any given moment is something that should be at the forefront of our minds - constantly. This doesn't have to be a high-brow, theoretical concept that we need to discuss at an academic or philosophical level. We certainly can, but if we had to do so every 'waking' moment of our lives it would be exhausting - it is exhausting.

But for the scope of this post, 'purpose' is just the answer to the question, "Why do we do the things we do?" This can apply to all levels and all aspects of our lives. For example, why are you reading this? (No, seriously. I wanna' know...I'd love to see your response in the comments!) Here are some more purposes (aka, "reasons") that may hit a little closer to home:

  • Why do you follow (try to follow) a keto diet?

  • Why do you take nootropics?

  • Why do you care what we say or think about anything at all?

  • (Not required, but again, I really would be interested to hear your own answers to these questions in the comments...)


There are a number of really obvious (though less interesting) answers to this question:

  • We wanted to create a means by which we could be even more self sufficient than we already are (creating and owning our own business).

  • Over the course of a handful of years, my sister ended up creating a number of super tasty and healthy (for mind and body) concoctions that we KNEW other people would love and benefit from as much as we did.

  • We want to work for ourselves, and for no one else - except for maybe you ;)

Here are some not-so-obvious (but more interesting) answers:

  • My sister has acquired a ridiculous amount of personal experience and knowledge about supplements, diets, movement and overall human wellness - gained by years of obsessive research into supplements and practices geared toward improving ones health and overall well-being.

  • She also has an unrecognized ability to see and hear people's personal concerns and issues, and to nearly immediately distill them through the entirety of her 20+ years of experience to synthesize an array of potentially beneficial options and protocols for them to try. People literally beg to pay her to offer personal health/wellness consultations.

  • Building a business is fascinating! Exciting, scary, fun, interesting, rewarding - but ultimately, all very good stuff.

  • It's a really interesting way to employ creativity - it's like a real-world puzzle that you get to work on and play with until you find the solution you're looking for. Again - just super neat!

And here is the my current favorite answer:

The real purpose, the foundation, the heart and soul, and the reason for the existence of Keto Brainz is simple - to do what we can, within our own spheres of influence to have as much of a positive impact on the lives of the people closest to us (and on the lives of as many others as possible) for the better by spreading the following message:

We at Keto Brainz believe that the most important decision a human can make in this life is to commit to becoming the strongest, most self-actualized and most resilient version of themself possible. Everything we make, do and share is meant to make this more achievable for as many people as possible.

Ok, but this is my favorite part about my current favorite part...

Why do we want to share this message, and to communicate it as far and wide and effectively as possible?

And this part is crucial, no altruistic bull**** - very simply, we selfishly and truly desire to live in a world where more people have taken the reigns and responsibility for creating and living their own best lives. Just imagine a world where this was the default!

We want every single human being on the planet to make this choice, and to commit to it for the rest of their lives. And we want to do everything we can to help people make this choice. Period.

As far as the purpose of the business-end of Keto Brainz goes, it is pretty basic and predictable. And up until a few years ago it honestly felt a little dirty to have these words come out of my mouth, but from a business perspective, the main goal of Keto Brainz is to grow and make more money (Yay money!!!) so that we can constantly work to develop and offer more amazing products for our people!

The more we grow and the more money we generate, the more effectively we can create and share new products/supplements/ideas/practices that will further serve those committed to self-realizing their own best life. And to this end, below is a survey you can take that will help us spread this message and accomplish this goal :)


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