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mWHAT? What is mTOR?

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

Mechanistic Target of Rapamycin. AKA mTOR. For those of us NOT trained as scientists and molecular biologists, mTOR is best thought of as the CPU at the core of every single one of the 65 to 90 trillion cells that make up our bodies.

What on earth does mTOR have to do with a Keto Nootropic Creamer? Well, directly? Not Much!

BUT! mTOR, autophagy, ketosis, longevity, and living with the goal of self optimization DO all go together like peas in a pod or… nootropics and coffee!

I (and a rapidly growing community of biohackers, self hackers, and people just plain sick of not feeling F**king EPIC) are focusing their time and efforts on figuring out how to optimize for the best possible life.

To all actual scientists out there, APOLOGIES!, as the forthcoming quick explanation of this terribly complex pathway may make you a wee bit uncomfortable.

VERY SIMPLY, we need mTOR to express itself if we want to build muscle and get STRONG (we want this!). And we want mTOR suppressed to better avoid diabetes, cancer, and other diseases of inflammation and insulin resistance.


LIFE is about learning for as long as we are breathing. We MUST have mind and bodies ready to take on that challenge EVERY DAY! THIS is the genesis of Keto Brainz.

Keto on my cognitively enhanced friends!! And go read up on mTOR!!

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