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OPTIMIZE THYSELF - Self Optimization in Humans.

Updated: Mar 31, 2020


We are systems. We have both pre-programed (via evolution) “settings” and “settings” we have programmed over our life times.

The Self Optimizer is CHOOSING to alter and over-ride their “settings” in a continuous fashion in order to adapt to ever-changing internal AND external environments. The more information we have about the human system in general AND in specific, the better we can self optimize.

Having access to your genetics gives you the power to employ an endless stack of choices leading to positive epigenetic changes. (Dr. Rhonda Patrick has some great resources on this topic.) And working to be in alignment with YOURSELF emotionally and neuro-chemically gives you the option to respond rather than to react to what life puts in front of you.

Working to build physical endurance helps to ensure you are pushing your previous “settings” to a place of ever greater physical ability.

Ketosis, intermittent fasting, meditation, endurance exercise, exposure to new information, exposure to new environments, weight lifting, eating for your genetics, consumption of nootropics, use of body metric devices…. There are ALL tools we can employ towards the end of self optimization.

WHY engage in the ACT of Self Optimization?

Because if you are not ACTIVELY choosing to optimize, your outmoded biology will toss you all over the place. As a for instance, insulin resistance has people daily making horrific choices with their health through consumption of sugar laden foods and lack of activity.

If you are not aware of WHY you are doing a thing or eating a thing, your biology - YOUR VERY LIFE - will be hijacked by biological proclivities that did in fact once serve us very well.

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