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Keto Brainz's best of market 2019 (aka, our favorite finds!)

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

We wanted to briefly share some of our favorite products from 2019! We're not in cahoots with any of these companies and they don't even know we're sharing our love of them. These are companies whose products we're genuinely enjoying! These are OUR Keto Brainz "Best of Market 2019". Some are new, and some are simply new to us. We just wanted to spread the love!

MCT Co. Bars - These are the creamiest most delicious

keto bars we've found! With a solid dose of MCT's and perfect keto macros these have become a go-to for us. Salted Caramel is our favorite, but you'll want to try both and decide for yourself!

MCM NUTRITION Exogenous ketones - We're LOVING their caffeine free Fruit Punch Flavor for post-workout recovery! While exogenous ketones won't cause weightless, they ARE fantastic as a nootropic and the evidence for them as a way to quicken recovery from exercise is mounting. We're IN ketosis, but these have made a BIG difference in recovery time after CrossFit and running. They're also the BEST tasting exogenous ketones we've tried!

COFFEE & MOTIVATION COMPANY - We cannot get enough of these guys! Their brand of NO BS motivation is right up our self optimizing challenge-thyself alley. If you or someone in your life could use a snarky kick in the arse... you'll LOVE these guys. Check them out!

PALEO PRO PALEO PROTEIN POWDER - These grass fed beef and egg protein powders are surprisingly delicious and digest wonderfully! This is our post-workout quick & easy go-to for protein right now. Yes, we'd love a post-workout steak, but this is a FAR more convenient & realistic option when we're looking to optimize muscle building.

WHOOP! - We're LOVING our WHOOP straps! If you love tracking personal metrics we highly recommend giving WHOOP a go! The sleep and HRV data we're getting each morning are proving to be immensely helpful in understanding what choices are likely best regarding optimal rest and physical activity.

Man. Not sure what to say here but we LOVE LOVE LOVE lux & luca Jewelry Co. creations! This woman makes gorgeous pieces with KILLER messages. If you're off kilter just the right amount, if you've got a beautiful heart and dirty mouth, if you're one bad motherf*cker in other's eyes or just in your own mind....seriously, check lux & luca Jewelry Co. out. You won't be disappointed!

SO! Check these companies out when you have a spare moment (I know, I know, there are no "spare moments"....You're right! BUT! If you DO happen to stumble upon a spare moment or two, these companies are well worth checking out.

Until next time, be well friends!

With love, Keto Brainz

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