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Edit thy own genes?!

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

For some, the thought of everything about their health being etched in stone comes as a relief.

It’s a relief because believing this as a truth removes ALL personal responsibility and difficult action towards better health from their lives.

Heart disease? Nothin’ I can do, “It’s in my genes!”. Diabetes? “My whole family has it, it’s in our genes and there’s nothing I can do! WRONG.

NOW, there are very CLEARLY genetic predispositions to all manner of disease states. The beauty is that MOST predispositions are just THAT.

AND, to be clear, scientists are still at the very beginning of understanding exactly WHICH actions and choices are best for which set of genes.

BUT! That does not mean that we cannot take into our own hands a number of aspects of our health that are very clearly “editable” via diet and life style.

Ketosis, fasting, exercise, heat and cold shock… ALL of these have massive long term positive effects on our health through epigenetics.

I like to think of epigenetics as an incomprehensibly massive set of “on/off” switches. In every second of every day our thought choices and emotions (due to the neuro-chemical changes our thoughts can lead to), our consumption choices and habits, our physical activity or inactivity, what stressors we expose ourselves to…. EVERY part of every day we are flipping a myriad of epigenetic switches on and off.

We do this whether we are the hyper aware self optimizer OR the person who believes their genetic lives are written in stone. Epigenetics is happening whether you choose to guide it or not.

If you want a FAR BETTER schooling on epigenetics from an actual scientist, I recommend googling Dr. Rhonda Patrick+epigenetics. She’s always a fantastic resource!

Also, If you’ve not already taken a dive down the rabbit hole of running your own genome…DO IT! It’s SO MUCH FUN! Once you have your genome you can REALLY begin choosing the diet and lifestyle best suited to YOUR genes and make the MOST of epigenetics.

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