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More and more people (legions!) are choosing to embark on a journey into ketosis.  Less than two years ago I had beyond ZERO idea what ketosis was...

By Mine Shneeshter

More and more people (legions!) are choosing to embark on a journey into ketosis. Less than two years ago I had beyond ZERO idea what ketosis was. I had a very vague memory of ketosis being something that people on high protein diets were trying to avoid. That was the beginning and the end of my knowledge.

I heard about it from a friend

My journey down the delicious and fascinating Keto rabbit hole was kicked off by a friend who kept insisting I listen to a certain episode of the Joe Rogan podcast. I finally did listen to that podcast. I was in 100% in that same day. There were so many “holy fuck” moments for me as Dom D’agostino dropped science bomb after science bomb on my receptive brain. If you’ve not yet had the pleasure of listening to that podcast do yourself a favor and listen to it once, twice, three times (...see bottom of this post).

My own Journey

I was 250lbs when I was 12. I’m not a 6’5” male athlete. I’m a 5’6” female. I was was obese. By 14 I was anorexic, obsessively lifting weights and doing my homework on a stair-master for hours (yes, a stair-master…not sure they even exist anymore). From age 14 to 24 I toggled back and forth between anorexia and bulimia until my poor body just could not take it any more. By age 24 my health was trashed.

At 24 I decided it was time to stop trying to be a skeleton and focus all of my efforts on becoming obscenely healthy. That day I killed the “self” that was killing me with its obsession with being “skinny”. That day I began the long and difficult journey to the strong and solid place of mental and physical health I now inhabit.

So much learning

In a couple of years I’ll be 44. It will have been 20 years since I shut down that short circuited version of myself. There is much more to this story, but that story is not the story I’m here to tell. I only share this because while the weight loss and Type-2 diabetes reversing properties of the Ketogenic diet are truly phenomenal, these were not my reasons for jumping head first down the Keto rabbit hole.

I do have a very intimate understanding of the struggles of weight-loss and obesity and I’m thrilled so many are coming to understand the ketogenic diet as a way out of the desperate hole of obesity and type-2 diabetes.

A Keto Journey Primer

The current me was romanced in an instant (a 3 hour instant… it’s a long podcast) by the potential physiological, cognitive, and longevity enhancing properties of following a ketogenic diet.

Here it is, enjoy!

#MyKetoJourney #KetoBrainz

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