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A.D. KETO & The High Fat Fun Podcast

We’d like to introduce you to the “High Fat Fun” podcast.

We’ll let the creator tell you about High Fat Fun himself because, well…we love this intro from his website:

“High Fat High fun was created by me — Aaron Duprey, a weird dad. I’ve been married to my wife Sara since 1998, and I’m a father to three teenagers. After decades of struggling with diets and yo-yo-ing numbers on the scale, I found the ketogenic diet in January of 2017, and lost around 65 pounds in 10 months.  Since then, I’ve kept the weight off, and have even gotten Sara on board with keto -- we do a weekly check-in / vlog series called Sunday with Sara over on YouTube, where I also do product reviews, day-of-eating vlogs, and giveaways. You can find me on Twitter at @AD_Keto and on Instagram (where I spend WAY too much time) at @a.d.keto. “

We were introduced to A.D. Keto & High Fat Fun by the lovely folks at California Keto (an EPIC ALL keto store in LaJolla Ca).

High Fat High Fun is all about Aaron’s experience with the keto diet. On his You Tube channel, Aaron does Full Day of Eating (FDOE) vlogs, keto product reviews, and every month, he does at least one giveaway! He sometimes shares recipes too!

He uploads new episodes three times a week -very Tuesday and Friday at 10:30am Eastern, and then Sunday mornings at 7am.

We highly recommend adding Aaron's High Fat Fun Podcast to your weekly listenings!

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