What the heck is “Keto”?

Keto FAQs

Keto FAQs 1:When you hear that someone is “keto” what are they saying?

  • The human body can run on Glucose or Ketones.
  • Glucose is consumed directly from sugary foods and beverages or readily made by our bodies from carbohydrate rich foods.
  • Ketones are a fuel source all human bodies are capable of running on.
  • Ketones are made for us by our livers from fat stored on our own bodies or from fat we have consumed.
  • Ketones are ONLY made for us by our livers during times of fasting, starvation, or when we CHOOSE to deprive our bodies of virtually ALL carbohydrates.
  • When a person has “gone Keto” they have switched the primary fuel source of their body from GLUCOSE to FAT.
  • Our bodies cannot technically just use fat for fuel.  Our livers MUST convert the fat to ketone bodies.  It is the ketone bodies that we can use as fuel in place of carbohydrates.
  • Glucose is the fuel that MOST people run on.  Glucose as fuel for your body comes from virtually everything the modern human puts in its mouth, EXCEPTING FAT.

Keto FAQs 2: Why are people “going keto”?

  • Hunger is generally not hunger.  A normal carbohydrate dependent person feels what they believe to be hunger each time their blood sugar takes a dip. 
  • Blood sugar takes a dip.  The carb/glucose dependent brain does not have ketones to tap into for energy. 
  • The brain signals the gut to tell the sleepy low-blood sugar human to quickly find and eat sugar and carbohydrates!
  • This “eat carbs, get energy, get low blood sugar, get “hungry”, eat carbs, etc.” cycle is the PERFECT recipe for baking an inflamed, obese, diabetic, unhappy human.
  • People choose to “go keto” for a myriad of reasons:  for weight loss, for increasing cognitive function, for athletic prowess/flexibility, as a longevity strategy, as a treatment adjunct for dealing with a number of different health conditions including epilepsy, PCOS, inflammatory conditions, and even cancer.

Keto FAQs 3: What do ketones feel like?

  • High levels of ketones flooding your previously glucose dependent brain feel like you have become the perfectly brilliant synthesis of Wolverine, Elon Musk, and a Unicorn.  For real.
  • Not feeling like a brilliant, magical, ethereal beast??  You’re probably not in ketosis or you’re likely still at a very low level of ketosis.

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