Recent Reviews of Keto Brainz Nootropic Keto Creamer

I’m approaching 2 years in ketosis. I intermittent fast daily, I really don’t eat until the afternoon, no need or interest... but, I love my coffee. I know I’m not alone. 


I’ve tired of MCT oils and experienced their occasional gut discomfort. I’ve tried using a tab of butter or some powdered Coconut oil; they’re okay on the gut but I have to tolerate the flavor. 


KetoBrainz has come up with a phenomenal recipe for their Keto Brainz Nootropic Creamer. They’ve developed a recipe that is first and foremost delicious. The mild nootropic boost keeps me alert, energetic, and happy throughout the day.


I strongly encourage you to give it a try, I’m sure you’ll love it too.”


-Gordon S.

"This creamer is incredible! Came at the perfect time, during a late work night, where just plain coffee wasn't doing it anymore. Super smooth and perfectly creamy, no crazy coconut feel or flavor!


Felt so tuned-in and focused, without any crazy jitters! Absolutely THE creamer for those creative and hard working minds! Coffee shall never be the same for me again ;)"



Btw, never told you how much I loved the feel of the creamer! Super amazing and no crash even though I drank so much coffee that night!”

- Alia H. 

…Keto Brainz! I got sooooo much done on my computer Saturday. My brain was in high performance mode! I’m a believer. Thank you!

The taste is great. Creamy and rich.”


“I love this product and just ordered a case as i don't ever want to run out. I suffered a brain aneurysm over a year ago and have felt sluggish and foggy so many days during the week. I decided to try Keto Brainz and the very first day i felt alive and mentally clearer than i have all year.

My household has now been putting a scoop in our morning beverages all week and we all feel more productive and just alive mentally. Everything feels just a tad clearer and brighter or more in focus, its really crazy to think a certain blend of supplements can give you such a boost in such a short time, but for me i feel pretty amazing and am grateful to Keto Brainz for helping me to get back on track with my sluggish mental state!

I put mine in warm steamed milk with a scoop of raw cacao and and its pretty tasty, my housemates put in their espresso...seriously good for you.

I have been taking L-theanine for years to help with my GABA dominant neurotransmitters....
Keto Brainz creamer is now my go-to for Nootropic cognitive enhancer.”


-Tammy C.

"Honestly, not usually into this type of stuff at this point. Most companies just throw a bunch of stuff that sounds good into a bag and claim that the product does wondrous things.


This however, has functional amounts of each active ingredient, and isn't hiding anything behind the "proprietary blend" mask. Thank you so much for the tasty, effective creamer that makes me feel like Bruce Lee!”

-David B.

"Thank you ketobrainz for bringing this to market! I’ve tried other powdered supplements and this by far is better than many I’ve used. It’s so quick, convenient, easy to use and mixes thoroughly in my coffee (the little mixer is super!).


I can’t even tell it’s in my coffee – Also, after data processing all day adding this to my coffee at 3 pm works much better than a candy bar, providing needed clarity and a boost to finish my work day! Thanks again! BRAVO!!”

Kathy R.