Weight loss, mental clarity, cerebral endurance (wait! Is that a thing? YUP.) And….HORRIFIC BREATH? Nah…Keto & Kissable breath mints by Keto Brainz has you covered! (Click here for the story behind Kissable Keto Mints and Keto Brainz…)

Welcome to our little ketone and caffeine infused world! This is a world where brains and bodies fueled by ketones actively choose to evolve their minds and lives at speeds unimaginable in absence of raging BHB levels.

If you’ve found us, then you’re likely at some point in your own journey of getting comfortable in the realm of ketosis. Everyone has a different reason for choosing to become ketonic. For some it’s weight loss and for some it’s a race to out run diabetes. For some it’s simple curiosity. Some of us are chasing optimal mental performance, longevity, increased endurance, suppression of Mtor, increased autophagy… oh so many amazing potentials to geek out on!

The entry point into ketosis and the lifestyle shifts associated with achieving and maintaining ketosis differ for all of us. What we Keto Brainz ALL share is the journey INTO ketosis, the initial struggles with figuring out how to maintain ketosis, and the “HOLY F@!” moment when ketosis first hits and you realize you’ve been in low gear your whole life!

Keto Brainz aims to be a high quality pitstop for all things ketosis. We have a handful of products that will soon be available. These are products we WISH someone offered. These are products we currently concoct for ourselves on a daily basis.

Our first offering is a very beta version of the optimal version to come. Keto & Kissable mints exist because we needed an easy breath assist. Ketone breath is a real thing and our ketone fueled minds get so excited we forget what olfactory nightmares we might be unknowingly bestowing upon others. I keep a tin with me at all times just to be sure I can avoid this simple social faux pas. 

Just leave us some contact info and we’ll keep you posted!